Tuesday, February 26, 2013

#18- Tarzan

18) Tarzan
Retold and Illustrated by: Victoria Saxon
Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.
60 pages
Traditional Literature

        I chose this book because I have always loved jungle stories, whether it was Disney's Tarzan or George of the Jungle or National Geographic. This book chronicles the life of Tarzan, a boy who's shipwrecked parents were killed by wild animals. Tarzan was then raised by a gorilla family who took him in as their own. This book tells of all his adventures, even noting when he was discovered by Jane and her family and the little romance that blossoms between them.

        The illustrations in this book are beautiful. They were done using a computer animation software. Each spread contains one page with a vignette and the words of the book around it, and the other on the opposite page has a whole-page illustration with a border. The pictures are all very green, portraying the jungle motif clearly throughout the book. The animals are done in a cartoon-like fashion with little realism. 

         This book is appropriate for all ages, in my opinion. The story is interesting enough to keep the attention of most any student. This story could be used in a character education lesson about families and diversity. I could also be used in a jungle unit. I would use this book as a writing prompt to get the students thinking about what it would be like to be raised by another type of animal. Maybe a snake or a giraffe? There are many ways to turn this book.


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