Tuesday, February 26, 2013

#16- Penguin and Pinecone

16) Penguin and Pinecone
Written and Illustrated by: Salina Yoon
Scholastic, Inc
32 pages

        I chose this book because it seemed so cute! I was right. It is a story of a little Penguin who finds  this object he isn't sure about. When he asks his Grandpa, he tells him it is a pinecone that belongs in the forest. Penguin decides he needs to take Pinecone back to his home, sadly. They are such good friends! Penguin leaves Pinecone in the forest, wrapped up in a scarf. He hopes to come back and find out that the pinecone has grown big and strong. He does just that, except the pinecone became a tree! It is a precious story.

        The art in this book is done digitally using Adobe Photoshop. It appears to be done in some kind of crayon, though. The illustrations are very simplistic, adding to the storyline. The colors are very wintery; there are lots of blues and whites. Some pages are double page spreads, others have frames on a single page, while still some have up to four illustrations on a single page. Everything is very cohesive.

        I would suggest this book for students up to about the third grade. It is kind of juvenile for older students. This book would be great to leave out for the children to read during the winter months. It would also be great to use in a character education lesson on friendship. I would probably use it in a lesson on plants and how they grow from seeds. The pinecone would bee the seed that grew into a tree. There are plenty of follow up activities you could do as well.


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