Monday, February 25, 2013

#14- Do You Do A Digeridoo?

10) Do You Do A Digeridoo
Written by: Nick Page
Illustrated by: Sara Baker
Make Believe Ideas
34 pages
        I chose this book because of the awesome cover illustrations, and because it seemed to have something to do with music. I soon found out that it did! This book is about a man who walks into a music store looking for an instrument called a digeridoo. He continually asks the store owner if he has one, while describing all the kinds of things he could do with it, as the store owner continually replies, "No, we digeridon't." At the end, the store owner finally finds one, but alas, the customer has changed his mind. It is a hilarious read.
        The illustrations in this book can only be described as comical. They are super busy, with so many details to look at on every page. They are also super colorful, making everything easily distinguishable.The pictures were done in bold watercolors and outlined with pen. Sometimes the text is part of the illustration, and other times it is in it's own negative space.
        I would suggest this book for up to about third grade. The repitition is a little juvenile for older elementary students. I recently read the book to my Kindergarten practicum class and they loved it! This book would be great to use in a poetry unit. It could also be used in tandem with a Dr. Suess unit, because of the parallels between this book and Green Eggs and Ham. I would use this book in a lesson on musical instruments. There are at least five different instruments in every illustration. Children don't get exposed to things like that as much anymore and I would love to take some time to show my students something musical.


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