Tuesday, February 26, 2013

#15- A Giant Crush

15) A Giant Crush
Written by: Jennifer Choldenko
Illustrated by: Melissa Sweet
Scholastic, Inc
22 pages

       I chose this book because I did a book order around Valentine's Day and it looked very cute. It is the story of a bunny who is working on a Valentine's gift for his giant crush. It chronicles the struggle he faces when he thinks his crush has a crush on someone else. It also describes the joy in finding out his crush really does like him! It's a really precious story. I could see the younger kids being all worked up and saying "EW!" a lot.

        The illustrations are beautiful in this book. The end pages are done in solely craft supplies. There is a tape roll, some paper, glue, glitter, and other things we use to make Valentines. The pictures are done in watercolor and outlined in pen. Everything is done in a slightly sloppy style, which reinforces the idea of Valentine's Day with young children. There is a lot of the color red.

        I think this book would be good for Kindergarten to about third grade. It's a little juvenile for the older students. This book would be good to leave around the class during February for the children to read on their own. You could also use it as an intro to a Valentine making activity. I would probably use this book as a read aloud on Valentine's Day. It doesn't have a whole lot of meat to it, but I think it is a good piece of quality literature nonetheless. 


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