Thursday, January 24, 2013

#8- E-Mergency!

8) E-Mergency!
Written by: Tom Lichtenheld and Ezra Fields-Meyer
Illustrated by: Tom Lichtenheld
Scholastic, Inc.
36 pages
Picture Book

            This book looked neat to me because of the focus on the letter “E”. I came to realize, the focus is on ALL the letters in the alphabet. The story is about the letters all living in a house together. The letter “E” gets hurt and is out of commission for a while. The doctors say the only cure is to let her rest. The letters spread the word all over the country about “E”, and decide that the letter “O” will be used instead. Still, “E” isn’t getting any better. The letters realize that the narrator is still using the letter “E”. They yell at him, and when he stops, “E” is immediately on her feet again!

            The illustrations in this book were made to almost look like a comic book. There are speech bubbles everywhere. The colors are vibrant and exciting. Each page is sketched with a pencil, then pastels and paint.  The letter characters are actual letters with arms, legs, and faces.

            I would recommend this book for students from first grade to fifth grade. The replacement of the letter “E” with “O” may confuse some little ones still learning to read, I’m afraid. It is a great book to leave in the classroom for the kids to read on free time. It is very engaging because of the challenge in deciphering the replaced letter words. Also, there are words everywhere you look! It would also be a great book to read for prediction, and in a lesson about the letter “E” or the letter “O”. I love this book because of the creativity behind the concept. 


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