Thursday, January 17, 2013

#2- Library Lion

2) Library Lion
Written by: Michelle Knudsen
Illustrated by: Kevin Hawkes
Scholastic, Inc.
41 pages
Picture Book

            I chose this book because it is one of my favorites from my personal library at home. The story is about a lion that, one day, strolls into a library. The librarian, Miss Merriweather, is a stickler for rules. She allows the lion to stay if he obeys them. The lion becomes very helpful by assisting the librarian with things like dusting the shelves with his tail and allowing the children to climb on his back to reach books. One day, he is helping Miss Merriweather reach a book and she falls to the ground. The lion sees that she cannot get up and breaks every library rule to get the attention of the library assistant, Mr. McBee. He doesn’t listen to the lion and immediately tells him to get out of the library. He finds Miss Merriweather and realizes what the lion was trying to do, but cannot find the lion anywhere to apologize. Eventually, he is found and brought back to live in the library permanently after being praised for his actions.

            The illustrations in Library Lion are very colorful, in a muted tone. They are very kid-friendly, but not overly bright. They were done in watercolors and colored pencil. Kevin Hawkes did a great job of making the illustrations seem realistic, just as the book was meant to. Each picture is drawn and painted with impeccable attention to detail.

            I think this book is a great read for children up to about fourth grade. It is especially great for younger children. There are many ways to apply this book to the classroom. One would be in an introduction to a library trip to explain the rules, since they are clearly outlined throughout the story. You could use it in a character education lesson about doing the right thing and following rules (except in emergencies).  It would also be a great book to talk about how to be a helpful student, since the lion is known at the library for being such a great helper. This book is a New York Times Bestseller, and with such a great storyline and illustrations, I understand why!


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